What about UGG secret, you know?

What about UGG secret, you know? Winter time, UGG is simply the feet of men and women can be seen essential goods. Some liked it, some people say ugly. You know you have this UGG feet nine little-known secret? 1. First, UGG not read “youGG” (there are many people like to read “oil Jiji”), its correct pronunciation is “AhGer”, that is, “Wu Age” to “five” removed; it was spelled ugh or ug, until 1981, UGG was income Macquarie dictionary, only the unity of the well-known names. 2. Accuracy is, UGG is not a brand name, but synonymous with a wool boots. It uses the Australian Merino sheepskin, there are a lot of wrinkles on this sheepskin, so a large area of ​​skin. 3. MM’s favorite UGG wool is the reason, but also because of its wool, merino sheep are very easy to heat stroke or suffer from fly maggots disease. To prevent Merino body long maggot, past, people would cut off a piece of skin on sheep ass, this is the legendary “cut leather flies law.” Too cruel, so now instead of clips. 4. We are well-known brand “UGG” actually stands for “UGG Australia”, the brand registered the word as the name ugg in 1985, so many Australian businessman heart is hate, because an American brand UGG Australia! 5. The last 1960s, UGG boots especially popular in the surf athletes, they wear to warm in the sea a long soak feet. The UGG Australia brand founder Shane Steadman had an Australian surfer. Therefore, UGG snow boots is not a simple oh

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UGG boots from Ugly boots

UGG, not a brand name, but a kind of shoes in general. UGG boots from Ugly boots (ugly shoes), commonly known as snow boots (also especially fur snow boots), is the rise in Australia during the First World War, the Australian pilot with the two pieces of sheepskin wrapped into shoes on their feet warm, then gradually became popular in Australia. Now more popular brands: UGG Australia, JOMVOX, Yellow Earth, MOU, EMU and other brands.

The weather is getting cold, buy a pair of snow boots warm through the long winter, but in view of the higher price of defective traumatic experience last year, this year, I become very cautious. These days, I am at home two weeks of study and consultation with several specializing in foreign trade snow boots friend, now my achievements and share with you:

In other countries, the brand ugg snow boots are generally priced at $ 100 or more, and probably should be converted into RMB 700 or more, so the online price of a hundred and yet they say that they are genuine, the seller is definitely bad.

According to foreign trade expert introduction and summary of my own, I put snow boots roughly divided into six categories: the first category:

80 yuan cost less, basically suede + artificial / synthetic hair. This price shoes what grade you can imagine. A winter live together, but go. Wearing basically no warmth at all.

The second category:

80-100 yuan cost, typically two-story cowhide + synthetic hair, fake hair belonging to leather, because leather, so the texture looks can be, but fake hair, put feet will smell Oh! These shoes cost dozens of blocks, but are usually sold to more than 100.

The third category:

100-120 yuan cost, usually leather + blended wool, leather, semi-real hair, outside, on the leather, shoes tube half wool, next to the foot part of all is fake fur, MM is generally can not see. So stop dreaming must be more than 200 of UGG fur.

The fourth category:

120-180 yuan cost, leather + pure wool, leather real hair, but was unable to wool and fur wool wool match. Such shoes, if it is large factory work, then the quality should be good, layman basically do not see the difference between fur and belongs leather real hair, but the foot feeling and comfort and authentic shoes still can not be compared.

Fifth category:

200-300 yuan cost is basically broken fur, the whole sheep production after completing more than expected, the larger color, hair quality difference big cortex is not good, if the shoe color is too large, it can be broken fur production . It will have to wear one week after a serious color, but there may be a terrible chemical dyes

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